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Check Document Security

With check fraud escalating at a tremendous rate, the banks are now passing the responsibility of check security on to your company. We will help you to combat fraud with PrintCheck paper stock and our unique secure document programs.


PrintCheck® Security Features:


Printed Features
- Micro Printing
- Custom Fonts
- Void Pantographs
- Hologram
- Security Inks
- Border Copy Warning
- Intaglio
- Foil Lamination
- Latent Image
- Split Fountain
- Embossing
- Safety Endorsement Back Printing


Paper Manufacturer
- Printed Patterns
- Chemical Voids
- Artificial Watermarks
- Brownstain
- Cylinder Moulds
- Security Threads
- Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
- Invisible Inks
- Special Coating - Toner Grip
- Planchette
- Solvent Stains
- Full Chemical Reactivity
- Authentic Watermarks
- Fourdrinier

Some of our Security Printed Features:


Border Copy Warning - A notice or warning                            
designed to advise document handlers and
potential fraud artists of specific overt and
covert safeguards present. Commonly printed
in reverse type on face of document above
background screen or pantograph.

Microprinting - Miniature print or text which
appears as screened line or border. Type
commonly consists of a company name or
warning message. Verified with magnifying
glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear
plugged and/or unreadable.

Artificial Watermark - Logo or pattern printed
in opaque ink normally on back of document.
Visible when viewed at 45º angle. Provides
immediate verification of authenticity.

Ultraviolet (UV) Ink - Image(s) printed
in invisible ink which, when exposed under
ultraviolet (black) light appears as glowing,
bright fluorescent color. UV ink can be used as
a second color in pantograph designs and/or as
an artificial watermark. Provides immediate
verification of authenticity.

Bleed Thru MICR & Arabic Numbers - Aniline
dye in ink results in numbers penetrating paper,
developing into visible, ghosted or blurred image
on back of document. Provides immediate
verification of authenticity.

Void Pantograph - Background designs or
screens which expose a hidden VOID pattern
when scanned or copied. VOID commonly
printed in repeat pattern for the purpose of
complicating counterfeiting attempts.

Some of Security Paper Features:

Fluorescent Fibers - Invisible unless exposed
under ultraviolet (black) light where fibers appear
as bright, glowing yellow threads. Copiers cannot

Fluorescent Artificial Watermark - Visible
under ultraviolet (black) light or when held at
45º angle. Copier and /or scanner resistant.

Fluorescent Artificial Watermark - Visible
under ultraviolet (black) light or when held at
45º angle. Copier and /or scanner resistant.

Multi-language Brown Stain VOID - Brown
colored “VOID” appears in six languages
(English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese,
and Chinese) signaling contact of a bleach or
chlorine-based ink eradicator on document.
Provides immediate notification that document
is non-negotiable.

tonergrip.gif (8730 bytes)

TonerGripTM - A supplemental feature
developed for the purpose of thwarting attempts
by forgers to alter laser printed documents. A
unique surface treatment, applied at mill yields
greater adhesion of toner on surface of document.
By fusing toner to paper fibers, any alteration
attempts (usually by cellophane tape lifting printed
image) become clearly detectable.

Black and Blue Dye(s) - Dyes react to a wide
variety of chemical solvents used to remove
information from documents. Black or blue stain
clearly visible upon placement of alteration

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