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PrintCheck Performance Guarantee

PrintCheck stands behind the performance of PrintCheck MICR Laser Printers, PrintCheck MICR Font & Toner Kits, and PrintCheck MICR toners. Our MICR Technology Center will assist end-users when required to resolve any bank reject rate problems, which are related to PrintCheck produced MICR toner. If we are unable to resolve a reject rate problem and a PrintCheck product is determined to be the cause of the problem, we will reimburse the end-user for fees paid to the bank for excessive rejects which are printed after PrintCheck was notified of the problem.

These PrintCheck products must be operated in accordance with PrintCheck manufactures approved procedures, using PrintCheck approved supplies, and maintained by PrintCheck under our manufacturer’s warranty or maintenance agreement. This guarantee does not apply to PrintCheck products damaged due to no fault of PrintCheck. This guarantee is applicable for three years from the printer purchase date.

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